Ice Camp Greenland - Sermilik Fjord

65° 47' 18.744'' N

37° 52' 39.95'' W


Ice Camp Greenland


Sermilik ......'place with glaciers' (Greenlandic translation)


Your base for the trip is Ice Camp Greenland, a newly built ( July 2019 ), eco-lodge designed to put you at the heart of nature allowing you to explore and photograph the landscape within footsteps of your accommodation. Located on the water edge of the remote and tranquil Sermilik Fjord, one of the most beautiful fjords of Greenland, approximately 80km long, with grand icebergs and untouched scenery.


Sleeping in an area with no light pollution, we will be taking full advantage of night photography and get a chance to stand under the swirling aurora borealis. You will get close-up to floating natural ice structures and a unique opportunity to photograph them underwater.


Experience a photography adventure like no other, just you, your camera and pure untouched landscapes.



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